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Katherine Jackson Bespoke Facial

Vogue reports, after 40 years in the beauty business Katherine Jackson’s expert insight into the science of skincare, means that those troubled by the effects of ageing need look no further. Highly knowledgeable on all-natural products and a qualified acupuncturist, Katherine has developed a unique method that instantly leaves you with cleaner, smoother and more radiant skin. Her beauty wizardry includes a combination of ultrasound (for squeeze-free extractions) and cold laser (stimulates cell tissue repair) technology, as well as a “Super Cocktail” formula mixed on the spot to meet your skincare needs.

But it’s not all mad science – as your skin drinks a Fresh Algae mask, you’ll be treated to a head massage and a spot of lymphatic drainage that will leave you feeling as great as your skin looks. Better yet, you’ll leave with your very own custom-blended elixir to recreate the magic at home.

From £160, call 07515 929780 for details.

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Katherine Jackson Facial Review

Who is Katherine Jackson?

Facial Review – A renowned facialist, Katherine Jackson started out her career in nursing. Diversifying her skill set to become a fully qualified acupuncturist, practitioner of Chinese medicine, shiatsu and reflexology specialist, she moved across to beauty therapy over 30 years ago.

With her conventional medical background and extensive complementary training, Jackson’s treatments incorporate lasers as well as ultrasound technology and take an all round approach to skincare. Known for her facials that promise to leave skin glowing and healthy through the integration of various therapies, no two treatments are ever the same and appointments are personally tailored to individual client needs looking at how the mind and body affect the skin. What does a Katherine Jackson facial involve?

Based in a discreet but slightly out of the way Fulham location, Jackson’s no-frills set up certainly doesn’t pretend to compete with one of London’s five star hotel spas in terms of luxury, instead the focus is on results-driven treatments and a holistic approach to skincare.

Serene and ageless, Jackson is blessed with an empathy and a tranquillity that instantly relax clients and instil real confidence. Using her own skincare line (shortly to be more widely available for purchase), after detailed lifestyle analysis, Jackson gets to work to thoroughly cleanse and decongest skin. Taking a gentler approach than many extraction focused treatments, there’s no steaming or squeezing. Following an initial peel off face mask to soften the skin, the majority of Jackson’s facials focus around her signature pore cleaning vibrating system. Literally pushing dirt out of the pores as well as lifting sebum and dead cells from the surface of the face, the system leaves skin squeaky clean and instantly renewed.

Promising to rejuvenate the skin and promote ongoing collagen production, facials also use cold laser in conjunction with one of Jackson’s own serums to encourage deeper product penetration through the epidermis to help repair and plum skin cells. Rounding off each appointment with pressure point targeted massage, Jackson’s treatments are designed to leave clients with glowing skin as well as feeling fully relaxed.

Does it work?

‘Leaving dehydrated winter skin revived, a visit to Jackson may be fairly pricey, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment’ our tester reported back. ‘My face was visibly smoother and cleaner and my complexion looked less tired. Staying at bay for a good few days post treatment, the dark circles under my eyes definitely needed less concealer.’ ‘If I could afford to book in on a regular basis I certainly would. Not only do the results speak for themselves, but spending an hour or two with Jackson is a wonderful way to unwind and instantly calm the mind.’ Red Rating: 9/10

A facial with Katherine Jackson: How Much and Where?

A bespoke facial with Katherine Jackson costs from *£180 for 90 minutes.

(* Cost as of August 2014)

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Katherine Jackson Facial Superstar

Looking for an anti-ageing facial with immediate results? Book in for a Bespoke facial with Katherine from the 10th to the 23nd of September 2014 .

After 40 years in the beauty business Facial Superstar Katherine Jackson’s expert insight into the science of skincare.. Highly knowledgeable on all-natural products and a qualified acupuncturist and practitioner of natural medicine, Katherine has developed a unique method that instantly leaves you with cleaner, smoother and more radiant skin. The experience is completely unique and result driven.

Bespoke Facial, deep skin revision use of high tech non- invasive equipment, custom blended unscented, natural, and unique skin identical actives. Skin deeply cleansed with enzymes and ultra sound painlessly. Custom blend of skin identical serum to address skin problems at all level. Acupressure and lymphatic massage. Rounding off with Reiki .Each facial is entirely personal to the client.

Bespoke Facial 90 min: €180
Bespoke Facial 90min x 5 sessions: €720